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AREA Context

Located in the Downtown Vancouver Central Business District, 526 Granville Street is situated in a culturally distinct neighbourhood.

The area is primarily comprised of businesses served by local and regional rapid transit, surrounded by a rich mix of retail, entertainment, and culture

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New Downtown office Space

The proposal will add 125,000 sq. ft. of new office space to Vancouver’s Downtown core, which contains 53% of Metro Vancouver’s total office space. This building will be located in close proximity to other office buildings, services, retail and transit - the ideal location for employment space. 


Prior to COVID, exceptionally low office vacancy rates created demand for new construction. New office space is able to meet the diverse demand of the local economy while also increasing the municipal tax base. 

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The properties surrounding the site include retail spaces at the

ground level, and office spaces or residential units above

them. Trees, wide pedestrian sidewalks, and bus stops

run along Granville Street making it a vibrant and busy downtown corridor.


Heritage Retention

The existing building on the property dates from 1899 and is a good example of Romanesque Revival style in Vancouver. The proposal includes the preservation of the existing façades and restoration of the storefront level of this “Category B (significant)” heritage building. The site is located on Granville Street and also encompasses the two adjoining laneways.


The north end of Granville Street is known for its lively pedestrian activity. Maintaining the heritage façades and retail uses at the ground level will support ongoing street-level activity. 

Elegant Architecture

The design for the new office tower features a structural diagrid. This form supports large, flexible floorplates by locating structural columns toward the exterior of the building, while creating a bold, but elegant design.


The floorplates of the tower taper toward the lower levels to help emphasize the existing heritage roofline, while adding contrast and interest to the active pedestrian realm below.

Architect hold plans


The building will feature a premium building enclosure and mechanical systems that minimize energy consumption. No fossil fuels will be used on site. The project team is exploring the possibility of connecting to the existing Neighbourhood Energy System infrastructure, which supports a low-carbon energy supply.


The proposal provides a clear intent to reinforce active transportation modes through the elimination of on-site parking. The property is located in Vancouver's dense and well-served business district, which promotes pedestrian connectivity. By increasing office density close to existing services and transit, this project will help reinforce downtown Vancouver’s sustainable development patterns.


Economic Impacts

New office space not only supports employment within the building itself, but has significant economic spin-off effects, including jobs in arts, culture, restaurants, retail, consulting, and construction—all while contributing to Vancouver’s tax base.

View the proposal information package

Download the full information PDF by clicking on the begin download button below

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September 30th from 10-11am

September 30th from 6-7pm

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